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Aims & Values

Our Aims

  Contributing to the development of economic cooperation between Poland and the UAE.

  Ensuring its members the access to the communication platform for the exchange of current information and experience with the possibilities of doing business both in Poland and the UAE.

  Ensuring its members the contacts with the high level state representatives and business organizations

  Developing contacts with organizations, associations, top level management and decision makers operating in the members scope of interest along with providing support to the development of trade and investment in Poland and the UAE.

  Assisting the Embassy of Poland in Abu Dhabi in formulating the strategy and actions to create the best economic relations between Poland and the UAE.      

Our Values

  Reliable people and accurate information

  Focus on needs, solutions and growth

  Accessible to individuals,  small medium enterprise, large global corporations,  organization and associations

  Best in UAE Polish business and cultural relations


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