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Chairman’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of the Polish Business Group. The Polish Business Group in the United Arab Emirates has a strong presence and recognition within the local government bodies, business organizations and private corporations, which would not be possible without the work of dedicated people who comprise the Group.

This success seems to be even greater when considering the number of Polish citizens residing in the UAE, which in comparison with other nations is very small. Over the years, our work has been focused on building the bridge for co-operation between the Polish and Emirati businesses. It is a significantly challenging job due to the cultural differences, the geographic distance as well as historic factors which determined the country development but also made it possible for our country, Poland, to join the race years later than other European countries. I am personally proud of where Poland is right now and how far we all have come as a country and as the people of Poland. The quality product, competitive prices, hardworking people, who have been recognized all around the world, and the drive to become better and go further makes our mission, as the Polish Business Group, worthwhile.

I would even propose a thesis that we are different from other business groups in the UAE and the difference is a challenge at the same time, but we take that challenge as an opportunity to focus on growing bigger and building the presence of Poland in the UAE more noticeable. Our plans for the upcoming years 2012 and 2013 have been designed to come forward to all of you who have been already considering to concur in this market with your product, services or skills and knowledge. Our strategy has been also designed to spread awareness among those who still do not know about the potential that is hidden in this part of the world. At the same time, we are not forgetting our family in the UAE and they all are examples of success and drive in promoting our country, its people and values. We do not forget about our Emirati hosts, who have their own potentials that have been recognized and welcomed by many Western countries. Our action plan for the next year is filled with activities that are introducing investment opportunities as well as tourist attractions to local investors that you, who I believe is considering joining our group, have to offer.

I strongly believe that all of you will welcome our presence in making your company future strategies. And by putting our experience and knowledge about the UAE businesses, people, strengths and weaknesses together with your drive to grow and explore new markets, we will reach the big goal of a stronger presence of Poland in the UAE as well as the personal one which is your company or individual success.

Dr Wael Suleiman