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Polish Business Group


to the development of economic cooperation between Poland and the UAE.​


its members the access to the communication platform for the exchange of current information and experience with the possibilities of doing business both in Poland and the UAE.​


contacts with organizations, associations, top level management and decision makers operating in the members scope of interest along with providing support to the development of trade and investment in Poland and the UAE.​

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Polish Business Group in the United Arab Emirates was formed in March 2006 by the initiative of the Polish Embassy and the Polish community living in the UAE. Formally, the PBG was registered in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi in June 2006 as a non-profit organization. Motto, which initially inspired the initiators of the group, to this day has not changed and that is the promotion of Polish companies, brands, work ethics as well as the economic & tourist values and the Polish culture in the UAE.

PBG members represent a wide range of professionals, businessmen, and people of culture and art, who by their work, interests, and the desire to expand their products into new markets, chose the United Arab Emirates as a destination, which undeniably allows meeting the desired development objectives.

Thank you for taking time to visit the website of the Polish Business Group. The PBG in the United Arab Emirates has a strong presence and recognition within the local Government Bodies, Business Organizations and Private Corporations, which would not be possible without the work of dedicated people who comprise the Group.


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